-About Karen-

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Play is the exultation of the possible.
— Martin Buber


Karen loves to play with her two poodles, Bella & Spumoni. They make her laugh every day. She loves the sound of the wind in the trees, watching cats play and dogs run and hearing children laugh. 

Karen’s Philosophy

Artplay is one way to nurture parts of oneself, work through the painful stuff, celebrate, and have fun! Creating something with one’s hands and heart is a way to get in touch with the deep wisdom of the soul and its natural capacity to heal. Glitter is good for the soul!

Karen’s Training

Karen trained as an art therapist in Sheffield, England and studied for 3 years at the Jung Institute in Switzerland. Before that she was an elementary teacher in Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 5th grades.  She also taught Language Arts to junior high school students and writing to high school students in Portland, Oregon for several years. 


Karen is a self-trained mixed-media artist. She loves creating shrines, assemblage pieces and working with watercolor and encaustic. 

Karen has dabbled with playwriting (self-professed closet thespian), edited a few books, written some poetry – bottom line, she loves words and playing with words. 

She is available to support your journey by providing art supplies, guidance, and time in her studio or at a location of your choice.